SecureDocs Data Room Software


Now that most business activities have gone digital, the question of security solutions is never out of the question for business owners. All sensitive company data should be kept absolutely confidential to avoid the poisonous phenomenon of data leakage. Data leakage does not only cost a great deal of money but also loss of customers, reputation, and a multitude of legal problems. Virtual data rooms are the unique solution that can protect your data and help in business operations. In this article, we will take a closer look at SecureDocs Data Room.

SecureDocs Data Room – a general statement

SecureDocs started back in 2012, establishing a head office in the United States. Initially, the provider offered a cloud server service that provided collaboration and document storage capabilities, but as it improved, it began offering one of the best virtual data rooms with robust security features and a numerical customer base.

 SecureDocs Data Room specializes in providing fundraising, auditing, M&A, and business management services. When you start a new project inside SecureDocs you are guaranteed to get the tools to simplify your operations, saving a lot of time on document filing and management as well as costs related to consumables and resources needed to keep the program running.

VDR SecureDocs considers its main features to be a clear interface, transparent pricing, and electronic signature feature.

Main features of SecureDocs Data Room

SecureDocs VDR provides all the services you need to protect your data and manage your projects while providing all-encompassing security. Below, we’ll highlight the provider’s main features and what benefits they can give you:

  • Industry Applications

The program can be useful in a wide variety of areas. It provides useful services in the bankruptcy industry, biotechnology, financial institutions, used for fundraising, IPO, all M&A and litigation processes and phases.

  • Folder Management

When uploading a large volume of documents, as is usually the case, users have always had to either format their files into a specific file type or it takes too long, or sometimes all at once. VDR SecureDocs supports a wide variety of folder formats and uses mass upload and drag-and-drop for fast uploads. The space also supports the ability to export the VDR index to excel and automatic indexing for efficient document numbering and further simplified searches.

  • Document Protection

 SecureDocs fully lives up to its name and offers the best document security features. This includes robust encryption methods at rest and during data sharing and customizable watermarks, all of which combine to create a great solution against data leakage. Administrators can also set detailed permissions for viewing and interacting with documents. For example, you can prohibit copying, printing, editing, uploading, and forwarding a document.

  • Settings

The company offers a flexible and easily customizable interface that you can customize to your individual brand and increase its visibility in the market. In addition, you can send special invitation letters to users, with these letters, your potential customers will easily understand that the letter came exactly from you and your name.

  • Support Service

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone during business hours and by e-mail around the clock, as befits a quality provider. It also offers you to save an archive of your completed transaction on a DVD or USB drive.

  • Pricing

The company offers three plans to choose from, of which the annual plan is the most advantageous. Pay only $200 per month and use VDR uninterruptedly for 3,565 days. The three-month plan is $300; pay by the month is $400.