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6th Continent – a photographic travelogue around the Mediterranean. Interview with Mattia Insolera

Seven years. Thirteen countries. 23,084 km by motorbike, 19,270 km on all types of sea vessels. Mattia Insolera’s 6th Continent is an immense and highly poetic photographic project, capturing the essence of … Continue reading

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Open Up Your Mind

“We all hope and we all try, we all long for something fair / but if all you sow’s convention, so you reap.” A song by Pieter van der Paverd, … Continue reading

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“Why build four thousand miles when four feet will do? Introducing Port-a-Border! Your own personal portable anti-immigrant security system!” Cutting-edge border technology, advertised by the Latino Comedy Project. Order your … Continue reading

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Universal Declaration – Transparent Flags – Forever Immigrant

From 24th-27th April, as part of Art Brussels 2014, Galerie Sobering will be displaying the exhibition Fall in Levitation, a solo show by Portuguese-Luxembourgish artist Marco Godinho. Human rights, identity … Continue reading

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“Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?”

Barriers for peace, or barriers to peace? In this sociopolitical essay, Dr. Christine Leuenberger of Cornell University examines the effects of border walls over time, with a poignant comparison of … Continue reading

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Marquage territorial par l’art ou idéologie coloniale

Le street art repousse les frontières de l’appropriation territoriale entre Palestine et Israël. À travers le regard de Hashem, un Palestinien vivant dans un quartier israélien d’une ville de Cisjordanie, … Continue reading

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