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At the Arrivals of Heathrow Airport

Another short, sharp poem by Maltese author Immanuel Mifsud, taken from the collection Fid-Dar ta’ Clara (At Clara’s Place), 1998. The “Antarctica World Passport” shown in the photograph, designed by … Continue reading

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Comme une traînée de poudre, la vidéo du poème Mathématiques de Hollie McNish a fait le buzz à maintes reprises depuis sa publication il y a un an, et a … Continue reading

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That Foreigner Poem…

… or the truth about Paddington Bear. “See, we all like our foreigners ‘different’ / but only in such a way that we can understand.” A humorous, straight-to-the-point poem by spoken … Continue reading

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Indefinite detention: a never-ending Odyssey in the United Kingdom

Reporting from London, Carole Reckinger follows a refugee’s journey through the maze of bureaucracy, haphazard decision-making, and ‘immigration and removal centres’. Illustrated by Catherine Lemaire. “Do you think I am … Continue reading

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