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« Peprin » est le rêve d’un étranger, un européen, petit bourgeois, lettré, accueilli dans un village maltais, Safi, à Pâques. A Malte, on célèbre la mort et la résurrection du Christ, … Continue reading

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All that matters and squid pancakes

“Is this worldliness —if that’s what it is— the reason for my lack of footing, grounding, Daniel asked me with a penetrating stare. The reason for my being treated as … Continue reading

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12 kilometres east of Beirut, on a hill overlooking the Beirut-Tripoli highway, the Dbayeh refugee camp hosts mainly Christian Palestinian refugees, some descended from the original group displaced from Galilee … Continue reading

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6th Continent – a photographic travelogue around the Mediterranean. Interview with Mattia Insolera

Seven years. Thirteen countries. 23,084 km by motorbike, 19,270 km on all types of sea vessels. Mattia Insolera’s 6th Continent is an immense and highly poetic photographic project, capturing the essence of … Continue reading

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Bitter Oranges – African migrant workers in Rosarno. Interview with Carole Reckinger

“It is really a new form of slavery. Actually, it is a step further than slavery. In classical slavery, the slaves were the property of the landowners. You make sure … Continue reading

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Die Hoffnungsträger

Christina liebt Musik. Zu Hause hatte sie Klavierunterricht. Mit Hilfe von Popsongs hat sie gelernt, fließend Englisch zu sprechen. Sie hat sich die Texte eingeprägt und sie nachgesungen. Die Dreizehnjährige … Continue reading

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Created, produced and performed by international quartet Lost Goose Theatre Company, HAVARIE tells the story of two sisters who board a boat and leave their home. What drives them forward is not … Continue reading

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Ultima Estação: Esperança / Lescht Statioun: Hoffnung

En 2012, l’Institut Camões Luxembourg demande aux trois photographes Jessica Theis, Jérôme Melchior et Paulo Lobo de réaliser une série de portraits d’immigrants portugais arrivés au Luxembourg récemment et ayant … Continue reading

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Love at the bottom of the sea – 3rd October, Day of Memory and Hospitality

Friday 3rd October 2014 marks one year since the tragedy off Isola dei Conigli, Lampedusa, a shipwreck in which 366 people lost their lives – men, women, children, and a newborn baby … Continue reading

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Io non ho paura – I am not afraid

One of the most effective antidotes to fear, whether personal or collective, is to write about it, or better still, to sing about it. Awarded the ‘Premio Demo’ in 2013, … Continue reading

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World Cup Migrant XI

Born in one country to parents from another and raised somewhere in between, when it comes to international football events, you could say I have the ‘luxury’ of supporting several teams at … Continue reading

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On the Bridge to Strasbourg

On 18th May 2014, over 200 refugees and supporters began a 450 km March for Freedom to Brussels, crossing the bridge from Kehl (Germany) into Strasbourg (France). Dutch poet and no-border … Continue reading

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“Why build four thousand miles when four feet will do? Introducing Port-a-Border! Your own personal portable anti-immigrant security system!” Cutting-edge border technology, advertised by the Latino Comedy Project. Order your … Continue reading

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Universal Declaration – Transparent Flags – Forever Immigrant

From 24th-27th April, as part of Art Brussels 2014, Galerie Sobering will be displaying the exhibition Fall in Levitation, a solo show by Portuguese-Luxembourgish artist Marco Godinho. Human rights, identity … Continue reading

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Rmilat / Las Cuevas

Paradis touristique situé à moins d’une heure de Tanger, Rmilat, célèbre pour sa falaise d’argile bleue, se transforme chaque soir en huis clos morbide. Les militaires évacuent les touristes et … Continue reading

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“Do Fences Make Good Neighbors?”

Barriers for peace, or barriers to peace? In this sociopolitical essay, Dr. Christine Leuenberger of Cornell University examines the effects of border walls over time, with a poignant comparison of … Continue reading

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Citoyen du monde

Vendredi 18 avril à la Kulturfabrik de Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, le groupe allemand Irie Révoltés sera en concert. Personne n’est illégal et Le monde n’est pas rond seront présents aussi, avec … Continue reading

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La mer est pleine de corps

Sicilian poet and video artist Sebastiano Adernò has witnessed several arrivals of migrant boats on the shores of his island, particularly at Portopalo, Pozzallo. The following animation, created in collaboration … Continue reading

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je n’ai pas oblitéré mon ticket voyage dans la matrice du silence…

Un aller simple pour traverser les frontières – élastiques, cassées, nouilles difformes et poisseuses… Un poème de Alexandra Fixmer, poète frontalière, qui sera parmi nous pour une rencontre poétique maltaise-luxembourgeoise, … Continue reading

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Gedanken aus dem Niemandsland

„Heimatlosigkeit Nichtgewollter. Im Europa der Demokratien und der Prosperität, im Vorbildkontinent“. Rudolf Söllner’s Gedanken aus dem Niemandsland. Fotos: Carole Reckinger. ROSARNO. Sonne mildert alles Elend, wirft fröhlich Schatten der alternden Rohbauten … Continue reading

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Communiqué de “KEEN ASS ILLEGAL” suite au rapport de l’Ombudsman sur le Centre de rétention

Suite au rapport de l’Ombudsman sur le Centre de rétention pour étrangers du Luxembourg, le collectif Keen ass illegal – Personne n’est illégal est assez surpris que la Médiateure estime … Continue reading

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