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Love at the bottom of the sea – 3rd October, Day of Memory and Hospitality

Friday 3rd October 2014 marks one year since the tragedy off Isola dei Conigli, Lampedusa, a shipwreck in which 366 people lost their lives – men, women, children, and a newborn baby … Continue reading

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To Be A Refugee

In the summer of 2013, photographer Daniel Setiawan and researcher James Helfrich interrupted their holiday in Malta, and with the assistance of Integra Foundation, set about filming a documentary on … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding a Maltese passport for an asylum seeker – chronicle of an aborted yet fertile campaign

In response to Malta’s plans to offer citizenship to “ultra-high net worth individuals” in return for a one-time ‘donation’ of €650,000, Antoine Cassar, one of the editors of Le monde … Continue reading

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Journée Internationale des Migrants: Communiqué de Personne n’est illégal – Luxembourg

En ce 18 décembre 2013, journée d’action globale contre le racisme et pour les droits des migrants réfugiés et des personnes déplacées, Keen ass illegal / Personne n’est illégal tient … Continue reading

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Indefinite detention: a never-ending Odyssey in the United Kingdom

Reporting from London, Carole Reckinger follows a refugee’s journey through the maze of bureaucracy, haphazard decision-making, and ‘immigration and removal centres’. Illustrated by Catherine Lemaire. “Do you think I am … Continue reading

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