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Le monde n’est pas rond is an initiative by Passaport Project, in collaboration with Personne n’est illégal – Luxembourg, a grassroots activist group campaigning for migrants’ rights and universal freedom of movement.

You can support our activities by ordering a copy of our artistic newspaper, or by acquiring a poetic ‘anti-passport’, available in 8 languages.

Part of the proceeds will go toward the design and printing of a book-form anthology planned for mid-2015, which will bring together the most read and most insightful posts published in the webzine, together with a selection of fresh material.

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Le monde n’est pas rond artistic newspaper

The Le monde n'est pas rond artistic newspaper. Cover by Chandre.

Le monde n’est pas rond artistic newspaper. Cover image by Chandre.

Published in March 2013 and presented at the Luxembourg Festival des Migrations, the 40-page full-colour artistic newspaper takes a look at:

Migrant workers in orange and tangerine plantations in Calabria (Carole Reckinger & Gilles Reckinger)
A lenticular ID card combining two nationalities (Camilo Godoy)
Conditions inside the Findel migrant detention centre, Luxembourg (Nathalie Oberweis & Patrick Galbats)
An interview with an ex-US citizen who went stateless on purpose (Els Duran, Evelien Vehof, Mike Gogulski)
The deportation from Luxembourg of a young Kosovan woman and her two-year-old epileptic daughter (Paola Cairo)
The concept of “home” from the perspective of a writer born into a Balkan refugee family (Nikola Madžirov)
The 2011 hunger strike of Iraqi asylum seekers in Luxembourg, and what happened next (Paulo Lobo & Mikail Wilson)
The arrival of a boat of African migrants at a full-moon beach party in Malta (Arndt Kremer)
Between mobile and sedentary: the Roma population in and around Luxembourg (Stefan Kunzmann & Patrick Galbats)

Plus: art and illustration, editorials, photography, poetry, short stories, and much more.

Click on the corresponding image below to order a copy of the artistic newspaper.

Europe € 3 + € 1 postage & handling

€ 3 + € 1 postage & handling 

Rest of World $ 4 + $ 3 postage & handling

$ 4 + $ 3 postage & handling 

Passaport Project

cover-blue-en1Valid for all peoples, and for all landscapes. For all citizens and villagers of flesh and blood, wherever they were born. Your worth is not proportional to the population of your country. Entry free of duty, no need for a stamp or visa, the doors are unscrewed from the jambs.

Launched in Malta to a warm and highly participative audience on 30th December 2009, and since then in a number of cities in Europe, Asia and North America, Passport is a poem of humanity, an open song of eroticism and friendship, yet at the same time, a lullaby for a long list of human rights crushed by the consequences of the discriminatory immigration policy of several governments. It is the lament of thousands of brothers and sisters, of flesh and blood, ever more frequently forced to suffer the absurdities and atrocities brought about by the static notion of nation state.

Passport is an ‘anti-passport’, valid for all peoples and for all landscapes. An anarchist love poem, a declaration of universal citizenship, the vision of a world where the fear of barriers and frontiers has long been overcome. A world without customs and checkpoints, without border police out to snatch away the dawn, without the need for forms, documents, or biometric data… A world without the need to cross the desert barefoot, nor to float off on a raft, on an itinerary of hope all too quickly struck out by the realities of blackmail and exploitation. The modulating verses of the poem, the rhythm and alliteration, give force to a voice looking to quicken the planetary conscience of the listener.

The Passport booklet is currently available in 8 languages, and in 3 colours. Donations from the sale of the Passport are passed on to local NGOs that provide assistance to refugees and asylum seekers in 9 countries. You can choose Personne n’est illégal – Luxembourg, or any other collaborating NGO, in the drop-down list of the Passaport Project website.

Photo by Paulo Lobo.

Photo by Paulo Lobo.

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