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“Why build four thousand miles when four feet will do? Introducing Port-a-Border! Your own personal portable anti-immigrant security system!” Cutting-edge border technology, advertised by the Latino Comedy Project. Order your … Continue reading

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Comme une traînée de poudre, la vidéo du poème Mathématiques de Hollie McNish a fait le buzz à maintes reprises depuis sa publication il y a un an, et a … Continue reading

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From tent to tent

From one tent to the next: a heart-wrenching symmetry runs through the recent history of the peoples of Palestine and Syria. War, exile, separation, yet always hope, including through self-expression. … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding a Maltese passport for an asylum seeker – chronicle of an aborted yet fertile campaign

In response to Malta’s plans to offer citizenship to “ultra-high net worth individuals” in return for a one-time ‘donation’ of €650,000, Antoine Cassar, one of the editors of Le monde … Continue reading

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That Foreigner Poem…

… or the truth about Paddington Bear. “See, we all like our foreigners ‘different’ / but only in such a way that we can understand.” A humorous, straight-to-the-point poem by spoken … Continue reading

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„Gestrichelte, gebrochene, gerade und gewundene. Linien! Exakt eingezeichnet waren sie für ihn der nächste Schritt zur Perfektion, die großartigste Reichweite der menschlichen Fähigkeiten.“ Eine Kurzgeschichte von Berislav Blagojević. Übersetzung: Michael … Continue reading

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