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“Why build four thousand miles when four feet will do? Introducing Port-a-Border! Your own personal portable anti-immigrant security system!” Cutting-edge border technology, advertised by the Latino Comedy Project. Order your … Continue reading

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To Be A Refugee

In the summer of 2013, photographer Daniel Setiawan and researcher James Helfrich interrupted their holiday in Malta, and with the assistance of Integra Foundation, set about filming a documentary on … Continue reading

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Rmilat / Las Cuevas

Paradis touristique situé à moins d’une heure de Tanger, Rmilat, célèbre pour sa falaise d’argile bleue, se transforme chaque soir en huis clos morbide. Les militaires évacuent les touristes et … Continue reading

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La mer est pleine de corps

Sicilian poet and video artist Sebastiano Adernò has witnessed several arrivals of migrant boats on the shores of his island, particularly at Portopalo, Pozzallo. The following animation, created in collaboration … Continue reading

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Mano de Dios

Based on a true story, Adolf El Assal’s short film Mano de Dios (2010, 15 min.) follows the day-to-day struggle of an Argentinian immigrant who has lived almost half of … Continue reading

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Calais: The Last Border – review

Marc Isaac’s 2003 documentary Calais: The Last Border continues to hit home ten years after its release. Reviewed by Alex Vella Gera.   Calais: The Last Border (Marc Isaacs, 2003, … Continue reading

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