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Universal Declaration – Transparent Flags – Forever Immigrant

From 24th-27th April, as part of Art Brussels 2014, Galerie Sobering will be displaying the exhibition Fall in Levitation, a solo show by Portuguese-Luxembourgish artist Marco Godinho. Human rights, identity and migration are central to Godinho’s works, such as in the examples below: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights traced in the form of a barbed-wire grid; a set of transparent flags hoisted close to the buildings of the EU institutions in Kirchberg, Luxembourg; and a bureaucratic stamp with the words “FOREVER IMMIGRANT” printed across a wall.


Universal Declaration_AL_2_1Universal Declaration, 2013
Ink on paper
29.7 x 21 cm

The entire Universal Declaration of Human Rights was copied by hand with a fountain pen in the form of a crossed letter, a system commonly used in the nineteenth century to save on paper and postage, which were costly at the time. One part of the text was written over another after rotating the paper ninety degrees, a method here repeated four times. The text gradually disappears, becoming illegible and simultaneously generating a geometric grid that evokes barbed wire.

2_Drapeaux transparents 3 (Version Kirchberg)Untitled (Transparent Flags), 2007-2011
Flagpoles, flags of transparent organza, each 150 x 255 cm
Variable presentations and dimensions

Created from scratch with 27 poles and transparent flags, the same number as the 27 member countries of the European Union. After two shows in France, this third version was specially developed in 2011 for the exhibition “Plateaux” at the Plateau de Kirchberg in Luxembourg. Made up of 12 poles and transparent flags, borrowing, in circular form, the placing of the 12 stars of the European Union flag.

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Forever Immigrant, 2012
Endorsing ink
Variable presentations and dimensions

A stamp marked with the words FOREVER IMMIGRANT is printed successively on the walls, to create extended forms evoking clouds in an atmosphere of mist. It raises the issue of immigration and its constant uncertainty. The two words emphasize the condition of not belonging to a territory.

Born in 1978 in Salvaterra de Magos (Portugal), Marco Godinho divides his time between Paris and Luxembourg. In a conceptualist spirit, he is interested in the subjective perception of time and space through the exploration of the notions of wandering, exile, experience, memory, and time as it is lived. Godinho’s works have been exhibited in several countries across Europe and the Americas.

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