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La mer est pleine de corps

Sicilian poet and video artist Sebastiano Adernò has witnessed several arrivals of migrant boats on the shores of his island, particularly at Portopalo, Pozzallo. The following animation, created in collaboration with illustrators Rosa Cerruto and Nadia Formentini, is a tribute to the passengers of those boats, and of other boats that went unwitnessed, far offshore.

In March 2014, this short film was one of the prizewinners at the Concorso Internazionale di Cortometraggi in Modica, Italy.


Sebastiano Adernò is a Sicilian poet, filmmaker and cultural activist. The documentary U stissu sangu (The same blood), which he co-authored with Francesco Di Martino in 2009, was shown at the New York Queen Film Festival.

Rosa Cerruto is an illustrator, cartoonist and architect now living in the Netherlands. Her works have been exhibited in Italy, Belgium, Bolivia, the Netherlands, Cyprus and Turkey.

Nadia Merica Formentini works with a range of different materials – papier-mâché, iron, stones, shells, wax – to create landscapes both urban and maritime, and sculptures in performance.

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