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Journey Man

Recorded in a dirty room in a Marsaxlokk house (located between the teeth of the Maltese fish), in one take with a broken microphone, Journey Man was released on CD at the 2009 Earth Garden festival for 50 cents, and sold out on the same day. Have a listen!

Journey Man

‘Run’ he said, ‘Run, you’re not dead’
You’re still young and he knows that, he can tell from your breath
He pours the rain out of his hand and makes you forget all your sweat
Here comes the sun rays and then he says ‘Walk my way’

Who knows when it will end, sooner or later my friend
But the start has always been there for you
Everywhere you’ll go to and anything you’ll pass through
Oh, journey man!

Lost with no shoulder to cry on and still you refuse to dig your own grave
When your world seems like a pebble in a rocky shore deprived in the shade
But don’t you know that mountains are made of rocks and rocks are made out of tiny pebble flakes
They kicked your knees, stole your keys and still you survive

Getting old won’t make you understand
Go on pretend you know what is and what is not worth living
The moon laughs at you, the sun eats your eyes
But you wink back to the sun and shout, ‘Watch me die’


Journey Man is performed by Robert (guitar + vocals), Fre (bass + vocals) and Ryan (drums + vocals). Robert Farrugia is the lead musician of Plato’s Dream Machine, a Maltese band whose style he aptly describes as ‘metaphysical rock’. They have shared the stage with Modena City Ramblers (Italy), Blackbird Raum (USA) and The Moulettes (UK).

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  1. petrel41


    I have nominated your blog for the Humanitarian Award, in remembrance of Nelson Mandela.

    More about this nomination is at


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